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Life Campaign Headquarters was founded as a continuity of the life respect campaign by 'One-body One-mind Movement Headquarters,' which was born at the 44th International Eucharistic Congress in 1989. It has been leading activities in various areas and expanding cooperation with other religions including the Protestant Church and Buddhism. The Planning & Publicizing Team is developing 'life spirituality' programs and appointing publicity ambassadors for the general turnover of the prevalent trend of treating life lightly, and inducing the public to take interest and participate in the programs through raising 'the Mystery of Life Fund.' Contributions to the fund are continued not only by monasteries and clergymen but also lay believers running business in Korea.

Furthermore, the Human Rights Sunday on the 4th of December 2005 was designated as 'the Day of Life' and Mass for life was held at Myeongdong Catholic Cathedral of the Seoul Archdiocese, clarifying the will to respect human life nationally and internationally. The mass was backed by all the dioceses in Korea as well as many Bishops' Conferences and local Churches throughout the world, which sent letters supporting the movement. Through the event, the Committee for Life was announced widely and the firm position of the Catholic Church was explained. In particular, 10 famous Korean artists were designated as the publicity ambassadors of the Committee for Life as a part of efforts to spread the life movement to the public.

In addition, the Committee for Life has established practical support plans and is promoting them. For research on adult stem cell, the committee announced to support 10 billion won(equivalent to 10million US dollars) to Catholic Institute of Cell Therapy. This is remarkable world-scale support for research on adult stem cell. Besides, for continuous growth in the future, 'Mystery of Life Prize' with reward amounting to 300 million won(equivalent to 300 thousand US dollars) will be awarded from this year.