Home Introduction Plans for International Cooperation
To stimulate cell therapy and research, the institute is promoting not only domestic cooperation but also international joint projects. We will establish long-term plans for strengthening our research capabilities as collaborators with major overseas research institutes and researchers. To lay the ground work for this cooperation, the institute will exchange information on cell therapy bi-directionally with domestic and overseas researchers. Researchers will receive broad support from the Catholic Church's Life Movement and Cell Therapy Project and be able to access opportunities for cooperation through various media, including our website.
In the second stage, we expect to identify specific tasks for international cooperation and then continue to develop and implement substantial cooperation models. Ultimately, we aim to solidify the standing of the institute as the focal point of domestic cell therapy and research, and contribute to the growth of the institute as an international adult stem cell academy.

The institute is collecting information throughout the world on researchers, research groups, and industrial blocks who have expressed the intention of cooperation.