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Research Clusters are composed of Catholic High Performance Cell Therapy Center, Cell & Tissue Engineering Institute and various industry-university-research institute clusters related to cell therapy. With the object of reinforcing capacities for research on adult stem cell and cell therapy at Catholic University and securing long-term competitiveness, Research Clusters plans to lay the ground for occupying a leading position in the area of adult stem cell through constructing internal infrastructure and executing external publicity

Catholic High Performance Cell Therapy Center

Catholic High Performance Cell Therapy Center founded in 2004 was designated as a national task execution center by the Ministry of Health & Welfare and is conducting the national project of developing technologies for reviving organic functions as an item of next-generation national growth engine. It is developing high-efficiency cell therapy with reinforced function to improve the efficiency of adult stem cell, and is supported with 12 billion won of research funds for six years from 2004. Investing 20 professors and 60 researchers, the center is executing seven projects until 2010 and participating in joint researches with corporations.