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The Research Support Division includes Catholic Hemopoietic Stem Cell Bank, Catholic Clinical Research Coordinating Center, Integrative Research Support Center and Research Laboratory of Experimental Animals.

Catholic Hemopoietic Stem Cell Bank

Catholic Hemopoietic Stem Cell Bank, which will function as the source of adult stem cells, was founded in 1994 and is operating a pool of people who wish to donate adult stem cells for patients with leukemia, aplastic anemia, etc. who need the transplantation of hemopoietic stem cells. In addition, Public Cord Blood Bank was founded in 1997 first in Korea and is executing public cord blood projects.

Catholic Clinical Research Coordinating Center

Clinical Research Coordinating Center supports the development of protocol for adult stem cell research, executes researches on cell therapy and support the education of coordinators at each hospital. As of 2005, Clinical Research Coordinating Center is executing administrative support of clinical trials at its affiliated hospitals, education for specialists in clinical trials and consultation on clinical trials. Among them, coordinator education, which has been executed around 20 sessions for four months since the start of the institute, covers broad areas from the general state of cell therapy to the practice of clinical trials in preparation for the clinical application of cell therapy.
In addition, from May this year, the center plans to use the ward for clinical trials in the building of Catholic Research Institute of Medical Science to meet demands for cell therapy research and clinical trials.