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The institute aims to instill respect for the dignity of human life among society, and to establish righteous bioethics infused with a sense of awe for human life. To fulfill these goals, we will focus mainly on research, education, academic presentation, and practical movement for the respect for life based on sound bioethics and the Christian spirit. We believe that all our many academic activities will contribute to the development of bioethics in our country, and play a pioneering role in the bioethical field in the academic sector.
Director, Lee Dong-Ik Ph.D. in Ethical Theology, Theology
Tel (02)2258-2027
E-mail donglee @catholic.ac.kr
Address Rm 410, Catholic Bioethics Research Institute, College of Medicine, Catholic University 505 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea 137-701