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제목 The International Cell Transplant Congress CTS2009
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CTS - JSOPMB Joint Conference
(The Okayama 2009 Joint Conference brings together two Meeting of CTS-Cell Transplant Society JSOPMB-JapanSociety for Organ Preservation and Medical Biology)

Date갌 April 20〜21, 2009
Venue갌 Okayama Convention Center
Registration Desk
The 3rd floor Okayama Convention Center Registration desk can accept Japanese Yen in cash only.
(No personal checks, traveler’s checks or credit card are acceptable!)

Official Language:  English
Applications are accepted only through online registration from December 1 to January 31, 2009

HOME PAGE: http://immortal.jp/


Prof_Sutherland Special Lecture
Luncheon Seminar?April 20, 2009

Beta Cell Replacement Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus: A Life’s Work on Pancreas and Islet auto, allo and xenotransplantation걐
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Prof. David E.R.Sutherland
Professor and Head, Division of Transplantation
Director, Diabetes Institute for Immunology and Transplantation
Department of Surgery, University of Minnesota

Sakurada-BW Educational Lecture
From human somatic stem cells to human iPS cells -State of the art and future needs-
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Dr. Kazuhiro Sakurada
Senior Researcher, Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc.

Congress Secretariat
President: Naoya Kobayashi M.D.

General secretary: Takeshi Nagasaka M.D., Ms Sasamoto and Ms Takahara
Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine, 
Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Tel: +81-86-235-7257, Fax: +81-86-221-8775

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